"Philip Morris" Ukraine


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"Philip Morris" Ukraine

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KDF-filters section;

Wooden pallets storage area.

Brief description of our work:

  • audit of the HVAC project made by a third party;
  • Supply and installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC);
  • design, manufacturing of control cabinet and installation of HVAC automation systems based on Siemens controller;
  • modernization of air-supply systems;
  • installation of adiabatic humidifier section;
  • commissioning works, certification of systems.


Philip Morris International entered the Ukrainian market in 1994. Today the company has a modern factory in Kharkiv, where they manufacture a number of international brands for both Ukrainian and foreign markets. In 2016 Ukraine became one of the first markets where PMI introduced its revolutionary product iQOSbased on innovative HeatControl™ technology.

In 2017-2018, Profinstall performed a number of works on supplying and installing HVAC systems at the tobacco production facility.

The work began with an audit of the customer's existing project. By the results of the audit it was decided to modernize the ventilation systems in the areas of filter-making machines in order to improve climatic conditions at the workplaces.

There were done installation, mounting, wiring and commissioning of additional ventilation equipment.

To ensure the necessary climate conditions in the HTM buffer, there was also provided space in the new air handling unit for an integrated adiabatic humidifier section, which was subsequently assembled.

For the installation of the cooling machine (chiller), there was calculated the strength of the existing metal structures. According to the results, there was carried out the dismantling of the old installation and developed and assembled a new one.

For all equipment, specialists of Heating and Ventilation Automation Department developed a local automation system, which was integrated into the general plant system BMS (Building Management System). Then we completed commissioning and certification of the systems.


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