Yehor Siroshtan

Yehor Siroshtan

Head of sales

Yehor Siroshtan

At ProfInstall, we deal with:

  • The search and attraction of new customers;
  • Control over the fulfillment of obligations to the Customers;
  • Coordination of all commercial and contractual issues with the Customers;
  • Participation in the development of technical solutions.


In 2015 - graduated from the National Aviation University with a degree in Chemical Technology of Fuels and Carbon Materials.

In September 2015 - attended the technical seminar "Industrial valves manufactured by ARI-Armaturen GmbH", Kiev.

In October 2016 - attended the technical seminar "Oil-injected screw compressors manufactured by ALUP Kompressoren GmbH", Vicenza (Italy).

In February 2017 - took a technical training course "Screw compressors manufactured by Gardner Denver Deutschland GmbH", Zimmern (Germany).

In 2018 - together with project managers of ProfInstall company took a training "Sales and negotiations" from Sergey Azimov.

In 2018 - together with project managers and top management of ProfInstall company took a corporate PMP project management training.


Work experience:

2014-2016 - worked as an oil and gas field engineer at the PJSC "Ukrainian Oil and Gas Institute".

In 2016-2017 - worked as a sales manager at LLC "Compressors International".

Since 2017 - project manager at LLC "Profinstall".

Since 2020 - head of the sales at LLC «Profinstall».


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